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This artwork is NOT a screen printed or digitally printed. The artwork is made of high end foil, and super soft high end velvet like flock/felt.

+Story Behind the Design+
Nibiru is said to be an unknown planet that appears in our solar system once every thousands of years and creates havoc on our
planet when interacting with our sun,some say quite the opposite and I believe this planet when it appeared (if it hadn't already ;)
the effects on us, the spiritual beings that we are, triggering a world wide awakening.

46&2 is one of my favorite Tool (Band) tracks of all time and it talks about the next step in the human evolution, how the fact that we have 44+2 chromosomes in our body makes us a very oddly unique beings on this planet compared to all the other living creatures having only 44 chromosomes, implicating of a super intelligent, divine intervention that put tampered with our genetics and put on this earth.

Please allow 2-4 days to fulfill handmade items as I craft them to perfection.

 | High Quality Velvet/Felt and Black Foil Geometric artwork
3-end fleece.
100% Cotton.

Mid-weight 8.25 Oz (280 gsm).

Cuffs 80% Ringspun Cotton, 20% Polyester.

+Handmade Item Care+

Wash inside out. Cold and separately. 
Do not tumble dry. 
Do not iron directly on artwork, 

Use another garment or a towel when 
ironing to protect the design areas. 
Steam gently inside-out,
not directly on the artwork. 
Have the garment dry naturally, even on a hanger. 
Do not dry under direct sun-light.

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